Top Tips on Marketing

My top tips on marketing are for those who are less than happy with the results of your marketing activities. Having a super cool website, eye-catching business cards, and social media is all well and good, but it is only the beginning. How good is your engagement? What is your plan, your strategy to develop the connections, the followers and conversations into a business relationship?

If you are not laser targeted with your marketing approach, you are wasting time, opportunities and resources. Whether you are creating a new business or your boss is less than generous with the marketing budget, this post will give you some top marketing tips on working strategically to get the desired results. When you don’t have a big budget, the next best currency to work with is time, and planning how you spend your time is vital. In this blog, I offer top tips to get the best results with the least amount of work. Sound good?

Online Presence

The best way for potential clients to find you and for you to find them is online. It may seem obvious but focusing on your online presence is a must for dramatically reducing time spent marketing. An up-to-date website that is regularly updated and has good SEO (search engine optimisation) content and calls to action is all-important. Setting up a Google My Business account  is free and will increase the visibility of your business. Please make the most of your website, keep it updated with regular posts and remove any old and redundant information. Keeping your website in good shape will give your business credibility and acts as a go-to tool when actively engaging online and building relationships. 

Social Media Presence on Multiple Platforms

Having a social media presence across multiple platforms to disseminate your content will raise your profile and can help to increase traffic to your website. It doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming; there are plenty of free tools like Buffer (free version) you can use for scheduling social media posts all in one go. 

Where to spend your marketing activity time

If your time is limited, research and identify the platform which is the most popular place for your market. Spend most of your time working through your marketing funnel steps ( See LinkedIn Blog) whilst still scheduling content through Buffer (or similar) to other platforms.

Free content creation tool

Visual images, GIFs and videos are essential to get attention and engage people when posting content. So having a content creation tool is a must. So lucky for us, creating content has never been easier; Canva has a free version that allows you to upload your images and logo or utilise their free library. You can easily create images which look professional and are in keeping with your brand.

Whilst we are on the topic of content creation, to increase your marketing success, consider using video marketing in your overall marketing strategy. I have put together a video marketing blog that offers tips and inspiration and takes you through the real benefits of using video to market your business.

Marketing Funnel to focus activity and time spent

To learn more about creating a marketing funnel for your online activity, you can read my LinkedIn post, which takes you through the steps from making the initial connection with your potential client to making the sale.

The foundation of a slick successful marketing strategy is making it sales-focused. It will yield greater rewards and keep you focused on activities designed to move your potential client to the next stage in the sales and marketing process. It reduces wasted time spent engaging and posting content using a scatter gun approach, likely to give patchy results as you become more stressed and twitchy.


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