Video Marketing For Success

If you are not considering using video in your online marketing strategy, you are missing a powerful tool to connect with your audience. Scary though it may be to get in front of a camera, the more you do it, the easier it gets. It is highly effective and efficient in producing engaging content to build relationships with your potential clients. 

How simple it can be, for video marketing, you need a phone with a camera and you or a colleague. Create a ‘top tip for the day, teach your audience something they don’t know. Behind-the-scenes video with ‘what we are doing today, ‘ ‘ what is our most popular product’, ‘recent conversation with a customer which was interesting because…’, ‘advice for a client problem that keeps occurring. Pose questions to generate conversation, and ask viewers to leave comments and opinions to encourage engagement and rapport with the audience. Keep your videos short and sweet, don’t waffle or take ages to get to the point. People switch off very quickly. Better to pack a punch than to fizzle out slowly. 

So keep it short, simple and easy. It will be more engaging and easy to film a month or a couple of months of content at a time. Simple editing software can help you cut out any bloopers and drop in a logo or title. 

There are so many benefits to using video for marketing your business that you will be putting it to the top of your marketing strategy before you’ve finished reading this post. 


A few of the enormous benefits; 

A video is much more effective than an image in every aspect, Take a look at any Instagram account, and you will find the views for videos are far higher than static images.

Video is an excellent tool for helping to build relationships with potential clients and is brilliant for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and impressions (eyeballs on content) and ultimately converting potential clients to actual clients.

Having video on your website keeps visitors on your page for longer and improves your engagement statistics, which will increase your website’s overall ranking.

People share Video content more than any other content. Think about what type of content you share or your friends, family and colleagues. It’s usually a video or GIF, and it is either funny, informational or shocking. 

People watch videos to educate themselves, including when looking for information on products and services they want. 

It helps your audience get to know you and your brand, products and services and make a deeper connection. Having you or other people from the company helps – people connect with people.

You can post your videos on YouTube and give them full SEO for relevant keywords to rank on YouTube and on Google search platforms.

In the name of efficiency, the Buffer platform makes it easy to schedule videos across social media platforms, so you don’t have to move through Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Ectera. You can manage your videos through social media quickly and efficiently.

This list of benefits is not finite; there are many more. 

If you have benefited from using video to marketing your business and it isn’t in this blog, please comment below and share it with us all!